Eventos Para Julio 2020

Docker Instalación, implementación en empresas #Juevesdeworkshop
Jueves 2nd (02 Jul 2020, 19:00)
Organizador:CJava Peru

En los #JuevesdeWorkshop en JULIO traemos para uds "Docker, Instalación e implementación en empresas" 🐋

Acercaremos a los participantes a conocer Docker en cuanto a su instalación, mejores prácticas, para que puedan implementarlo en sus empresas o simplemente tener conocimientos necesarios para futuros proyectos en los cuales puedan participar.

📆 Fecha: 02 de Julio del 2020
⏰ Hora: 07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Inscríbete en https://forms.gle/GWJta3mFj3b3iEP27

#AprendeDesdeCasa y vive la experiencia con nosotros.

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En CJava ofrecemos asesoría y capacitación a empresas que están desarrollando aplicaciones o van a iniciar con tecnología Java.

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¿Cómo usar Inteligencia Artificial para prevenir accidentes?
Jueves 2nd (02 Jul 2020, 23:00)
Organizador:TAK Colombia

Ciudad:Evento online,

Inscríbete ya a nuestro Webinar gratuito.
Regístrate en: https://tak.gr8.com/
Big Data Analytics
Viernes 3rd (03 Jul 2020, 16:00)
Organizador:Online Learn

Ciudad:Evento online,

Link :- https://pages.razorpay.com/webinar-registration

Big data is a reality of doing business, and a priority for IT and business leaders. How well do you manage this flood of structured and unstructured data pouring into your organization every day?
Through this webinar, you will take your data analytics skills to the next level as you learn the theory and practice behind recommendation engines, regressions, network and graphical modelling, anomaly detection, hypothesis testing, machine learning, and big data analytics.
Companies and enterprises that implement Big Data Analytics often reap several business benefits, including more effective marketing campaigns, the discovery of new revenue opportunities, improved customer service delivery, more efficient operations, and competitive advantages.

Who should attend?
All data professionals & Enthusiasts, Data Analytics professionals, Data Analysts, Aspiring Data Scientists, Students.

Date : Friday 3rd July 2020
Time : 04 PM – 06 PM
Language : This webinar will be in Hindi & English.
Click here to register : https://pages.razorpay.com/webinar-registration
Seguridad de sw usando json web token un caso práctico
Viernes 3rd (03 Jul 2020, 19:00)
Organizador:CJava Peru

Te invitamos a la próxima charla: "Seguridad de sw usando Json Web Token un caso práctico"

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) se ha convertido rápidamente en un estándar en la autenticación de aplicaciones, ya que permite de una forma simple y elegante identificarte con el servidor mediante un Token. Hablaremos de algunos casos prácticos de la seguridad SW utilizando JWT!

Inscribete totalmente gratis en https://forms.gle/cYeeUXGDqoekvzDs6

📆 Fecha: 03 de Julio del 2020
⏰ Hora: 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm
VI PDE en Business Intelligence Analytics & Big Data
Sabado 4th (04 Jul 2020, 15:11)

Ciudad:Evento online,

🏅Certificado por la Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina

Adquiere los conocimientos, técnicas y herramientas para la toma de decisiones de manera estratégica y confiable a través de la gestión y análisis de grandes volúmenes de información.


Herramientas a utilizar en el PDE:
Virtual Box
Wmare Player
Power BI
R Studio
Windows Server
SQL Server
Visual Studio Enterprise

🗓️ Inicio sábado 04 de Julio
📖 Modalidad Virtual
⏰ Horario sábados de 3pm a 8pm (3 meses) 180 horas
💰 Inversión 4 cuotas de S/375 (Inversión total S/1,500)
📌 Descarga el brochure aquí 👉 https://bit.ly/3d0uHyA


📞 WhatsApp: 902 716834
📩 Email: informes@diplomadosperu.com.pe
📌 Web https://diplomadosperu.com.pe/business- ... ce-analyti…/

Sabado 4th (04 Jul 2020, 16:00)

Ciudad:Evento online,

Envie de continuer vos études en France ?
Suivez une formation BIG DATA gratuitement et obtenez votre visa !
The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
Miércoles 8th (08 Jul 2020, 00:00)
Organizador:ACM GECCO


The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) presents the latest high-quality results in genetic and evolutionary computation since 1999. Topics include: genetic algorithms, genetic programming, ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence, complex systems (artificial life/robotics/evolvable hardware/generative and developmental systems/artificial immune systems), digital entertainment technologies and arts, evolutionary combinatorial optimization and metaheuristics, evolutionary machine learning, evolutionary multiobjective optimization, evolutionary numerical optimization, real world applications, search-based software engineering, theory and more.

More Information: https://gecco-2020.sigevo.org/index.html/HomePage
Apache Arrow and the Future of Data Frames
Miércoles 8th (08 Jul 2020, 10:00)
Organizador:ACM TechTalk

Apache Arrow and the Future of Data Frames

In this talk I will discuss the background and motivation for the Apache Arrow project, which contains a columnar in-memory data standard and an expanding set of supporting libraries for a variety of programming langauges. We will look at the relationship between data frame libraries and database systems and explore the ways in which analytics systems are likely to evolve to be more "Arrow-native" over the coming years.

More information: https://event.on24.com/eventRegistratio ... e=register
Usuarios Atendiendo: Wester.Zela
Desarrollando angular con programación reactiva y funcional
Miércoles 8th (08 Jul 2020, 19:00)
Organizador:CJava Peru

Sabías que la programación reactiva es un paradigma enfocado en el trabajo con flujos de datos finitos o infinitos de manera asíncrona. Su concepción y evolución ha ido ligada a la publicación del Reactive Manifesto, que establecía las bases de los sistemas reactivos.

Participa en nuestra nueva charla "Desarrollando angular con programación reactiva y funcional"

Registrate totalmente gratis https://forms.gle/c24vW6Q7eLCS6jpL8

📆 Fecha: 08 de Julio del 2020
⏰ Hora: 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

#AprendeDesdeCasa y vive la experiencia con nosotros.

Escríbenos a nuestro WhatsApp 📲 https://wa.me/51932656459

En CJava ofrecemos asesoría y capacitación a empresas que están desarrollando aplicaciones o van a iniciar con tecnología Java.

#CJavaNOpara #angular #reactiva #funcional #Charla #Programación #Programadores #Java #Cjava #AprendeDesdeCasa
What The Future of AI Looks Like
Jueves 9th (09 Jul 2020, 13:00)

What The Future of AI Looks Like

H2O Driverless AI makes data scientists more productive by automating some of the most challenging and productive tasks in applied machine learning such as feature engineering, model selection, model tuning and ensembling, as well as model interpretability and production deployment. Driverless AI turns Kaggle-winning grandmaster recipes into production-ready code (Java and C++), and is specifically designed to avoid common mistakes such as under- or overfitting, data leakage or improper model validation, which are some of the hardest challenges in data science. Domain experts and advanced data scientists can write their own recipes and seamlessly extend Driverless AI with their favorite tools from the rich ecosystem of open-source data science and machine learning libraries.

This meetup gives an overview of the new features in H2O Driverless AI 1.9.0, including:

- Time-Series techniques for modeling trends including epidemic SEIRD model
- Insurance use case modeling with ZeroInflated models
- Computer Vision with TensorFlow Deep Learning models
- Language models with PyTorch BERT Deep Learning models
- Preview of Collaboration, Model Storage and Model Ops, coming in 2.0 LTS

We will provide live demonstrations on example use cases to show the benefits of these new capabilities.

Arno Candel, CTO at H2O.ai
Dan Darnell, VP of Product Marketing at H2O.ai

More Information: https://register.gotowebinar.com/regist ... ZydGd2TiJ9
How to develop an autonomous car end-to-end: Robotic Drive and the mobility revolution
Jueves 9th (09 Jul 2020, 18:00)

How to develop an autonomous car end-to-end: Robotic Drive and the mobility revolution

The discussions about the mobility revolution, which we all will experience in the next decade, is strongly driven by the introduction of autonomous driving vehicles. This field is not dominated by traditional car manufactures but allows also new players to enter it – prominent examples are Waymo (a former google project) or the rumors about an Apple Car. But all are facing the same challenge: Creating a robot which looks like a car, can carry some passengers and drive from A to B in self-operated and safe manner.

For this data driven development journey it is essential to combine the core ingredients from especially IT and automotive world. Top of the edge methodologies and technologies need to come together to be able to enable and execute development activities around the globe and on several hundreds of petabytes of data. With the consequences of embedding such code in the car on those high-performance compute platforms and how to verify it so that homologation can be achieved are currently under a heavy transition. In this session we will focus on introducing a corresponding scalable compute platform as well as the virtualization which need to be executed to achieve those goals and overcome the mentioned challenges.

Ulrich’s talk will focus on the virtual validation activities (including closed and open loop simulation), while Mohamed will have a deeper look into the consequences on the ECU’s software (including ECU’s platforms and software development processes).

More information: https://www.wearedevelopers.com/session ... gistration

Formation IOT
Sabado 18th (18 Jul 2020, 16:00)
Organizador:Spectrum Training Center

Spectrum Training Center a le plaisir de vous annoncer le lancement de la prochaine session de formation en IOT .
==> Volume horaire : 02 Jours
==>Adresse : 17 Avenue Ahmed Khabtheni Ariana (3min de terminus métro 2)
==>Tarif: étudiants 120 DT , Autres : 150 DT
==>Certificat reconnu par l'Etat

*Pour réservation Merci de remplir le formulaire ci-joint :
===> Pour plus d'information, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter sur:
E-mail : spectrum.formation@gmail.com
Tel : 23.176.942