Ventilador Artificial usando Arduino

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Ventilador Artificial usando Arduino

Mensaje por Wester.Zela » 30 Abr 2020, 18:09

Aqui un video y codigo fuente para un ventilador usando Arduino:

source code:

Documentación ... anual.html

PanVent TM (pronounced Pan Vent) is a small,light weight pandemic ventilator designed for use on adult patients from pediatric to adult in size, 23 kg or greater. It is a time cycled, flow limited ventilator providing Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation(IMV). In this mode of ventilation, an adjustable respiratory rate and tidal volume are delivered to the patient. The patient is allowed to breathe spontaneously between the mandatory breaths with minimal work of breathing. A built-in PEEP/CPAPsystem can be set to provide expiratory positive pressure. The delivered oxygen gas composition is supplied by a gas source external to the ventilator and is adjustable to 65% or 100%, with oxygen as the driving source gas. The ventilator can accept and deliver oxygen compositions varying from 21% to 100%.
PanVent TM is an electronically controlled pneumatic ventilator. Electrical power is not required for patient ventilation. PanVent TM has been specifically designed for patient support during pandemic and non-critical care unit mechanical ventilation. It maybe used during intra and inter-hospital pandemic, in aircraft, on ambulances, in emergency rooms, MRI and other regular hospital settings as well as converted medical facilities such as convention centers and indoor stadiums.

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